Por que elegirnos

Why choose us as your original accessories and hardware for cabinets manufacturer


All our products are the result of careful design process during which unite functionality, beauty and strength.


Many of our products, its design and quality, we are the only we have. They are exclusive. Take advantage of this exclusive to distinguish themselves to their clients.


We manufacture in Europe, with equipment and materials that guarantee the highest quality of all our product ranges.


We are known for providing excellent service to our distributors in all matters relating to care, manufacturing lead times and logistic service. See for working with us. We are very serious.


We accomany our high quality and exclusivity with prices guarantee our distributors a wide range of benefits in the final sale of the product.


We have more than 15 years in the market manufacturing, innovating, and establishing appropriate procedures for our distributors are certain to have success with products that increase sales.